Mindful exercises

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exercising Improves your mental health

exercise PLans that you can stick with

Keep an exercise routine is tricky for many different reasons.  We make your experience more fun and engaging.

an alternative to antidepressants

Research shows that 30 minutes of brisk exercise 3x a week is just as effective as drug therapy in relieving the symptoms of major depression in the short term.

keep your mental health in check

Same studies also shown that continued exercise greatly reduces the chances of these conditions returning.

How we can help you

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exercise plans

Personalized plans that fits your needs and restrictions


Join our community that holds you accountable. Workout accountability gives you added incentive to stay committed to an exercise program

keep your exercise routine fun

Workouts shouldn't feel like a chore

Mini achievements

Achieving mini goals every workout gives you more motivation to keep moving

stress relief exercises

We have exercises designed for the worst moments of your day

Long term Milestones

We help you to define long term milestones that gives you purpose to continue exercising